Problem House? Problem Solved!


What do the following have in common?

  • You inherited a house you don’t need and/or can’t afford.
  • You inherited a house that needs major updates and/or repairs.
  • You bought a house with winnings from a lawsuit or lottery and want cash instead.
  • Your house has fire or flood damage, foundation problems, mold, lead or asbestos.
  • Your house needs major repairs you can’t afford.
  • You’re moving to assisted living.
  • You have a rental and don’t want to be a landlord any more.
  • You have extensive medical bills.
  • You owe taxes.
  • You’re facing foreclosure.


All of these, and many more, are reasons why you might want – or need – to sell a home quickly and painlessly. In some situations, an owner didn’t “earn” the equity in a house by living there 20 years, and just wants cash. In others, a negative situation arises where the owner may need to give up some equity. Whether you find yourself in any of these situations now, or this has happened to you, or someone you know, it’s actually a very common occurrence. And there’s a very simple answer to the problem: offload the house to someone else, and walk away with cold hard cash.


Now of course you can always turn to a real estate agent to sell the house on the open market. But many people turn to real estate investors instead. Why? Investors will buy a house in “as is” condition because they factor the repair costs into their offer. That means you don’t have to worry about repairs, updates, removing unwanted items, or even cleaning. Investors don’t make offers contingent on the sale of their own home. Investors don’t make you go through an inspection, then make demands that every little item be fixed. Investors don’t have their financing fall through, putting you right back at square one, or worse, because of the many months of your time they wasted.


The drawback to listing with a real estate agent is that only investors can really buy the property for all cash in just a couple of weeks. In today’s market, an agent can’t promise: “You won’t have to lift a finger to get the house ready for sale,” or “We’ll be at the closing table in two weeks,” or even “We’ll have a ratified contract in two weeks.” An investor can. And you don’t even have to pay them a commission.


So you’d rather have the cash than the headache?  You’re not alone. You can try one of those “bandit signs” you see on the side of the road or plastered on telephone poles; you can answer one of those mass-mailed direct mail letters you might get; or you can call us here at Vital Capital Strategies at 302-635-0205 for more help and answers to all your questions.  We’ll get that cash right where you want it – in your pocket.


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