Keep Your Home Clean This Summer Without Breaking a Sweat

The last thing you want to do during the hot and humid summer months is clean your house. Even if you have air conditioning and aren’t afraid to use it (some people’s electric bills skyrocket during warmer weather), the thought of working up a sweat when it’s already 100 degrees outside isn’t appealing to anyone. The solution to keeping your home clean once the mercury begins to rise is simple: Prevention! Use these tips to help prevent dirt in the first place and you’ll be left with an already-clean house without breaking a sweat.

Keep Humidity Under Control

When you combine the steam from your morning shower and the warmer summer months, you get the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Your laundry room can also become warm and sticky when it’s hot outside. Utilize the exhaust fans throughout your home to dehumidify these rooms after use, and use oscillating and ceiling fans in other rooms where air needs to circulate. In extremely humid environments, purchase a dehumidifier.

Stop the Dirt-Trackers

The kids are outside playing, and you and your partner are outside getting the garden warm-weather-ready. When it’s time to come inside, don’t bring the outside with you. Purchase quality doormats that are designed to catch all of the dirt when people wipe their mucky shoes or bare feet on them and spare yourself having to clean the grime that inevitably is tracked into your home after a day in the summer sun.

Keep the Damp Outside

If your family loves the water, wet swimsuits and towels are sure to wreak havoc in your clean home. Set up drying racks outside or on the porch, and if privacy allows, have people change out of their wet gear, dry off, and put dry clothes on before coming inside. If privacy doesn’t allow, have them change in the laundry room to limit the mess, and put the suits and towels outside on the racks to dry prior to washing.

Don’t Stop with the Suits

Sports gear, ice chests, toys and all of those other summer accessories that make fun in the sun even more fun also get dirty and should not be dragged into your clean home. Keep everything outside once everyone’s done using them. Empty any ice chests you’ve used outside as well. Grab a bucket of vinegar and water for a safe cleaning solution and wash everything, rinse, and then let it finish drying in the sun before putting it all away.

Close it Up

Everyone loves a breath of fresh air. But leaving doors and windows open during summer months is a great way to create more work. Remember the best way to avoid breaking a sweat cleaning your house during hot and humid weather is to prevent dirt in the first place, and keeping everything closed leaves dirt, dust, and pollen outside and your home clean inside.


These are just a few things you can do to limit the need for housecleaning when the weather heats up. Besides, when it’s nice outside, who wants to be trapped inside? Instead, put on your sunscreen and break a sweat having fun in the warm summer sun instead.


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