From Hearing Loss to Hearing Health

Hearing loss – at any age – can interfere with relationships, education, and work performance. If left untreated, it can lead to social isolation and depression. More recently, many reports have also shown a direct link between hearing loss and an increase in cognitive decline. Many people feel, though, that there is a stigma associated with wearing hearing aids – a perception that wearing hearing aids will make you look older.


The truth is that, just like wearing glasses helps you see better and more clearly, wearing hearing aids helps you hear better and understand more clearly what is being said. Good hearing improves your quality of life, and good hearing health care is as important as every other type of health care.


What to expect

The patient journey to better hearing begins with a discussion about the hearing challenges someone is facing, followed by a thorough hearing evaluation. Patients should expect a live listening demonstration with hearing devices during their evaluation. It’s typically during this stage that a person realizes the quality of life improvements they will experience by addressing their hearing needs. It’s very often an emotional experience, both for the person with hearing loss as well as for his or her spouse and family members, because everyone quickly realizes how much better the person can hear and understand what is being said.


An investment in your future

Your investment in better hearing is not just about the technology. When choosing an audiologist, many people are not really sure how to choose a provider. An audiologist’s education, experience and people-centric approach to care can ensure you have a good, long-term experience.

You’ll also want to evaluate the long-term benefits and care programs your audiologist offers. For instance:

  • What insurance plans and programs are accepted?
  • Are batteries included?
  • Are any payment plans available?
  • What do other people say about their experiences with the audiologist you’re considering?

If your hearing isn’t what it used to be, take action and make an appointment to learn about your ears and hearing!

If it has been more than 2 years since your last hearing test, or if you are noticing that your ability to hear and understand clearly are not what they used to be, call Hearing Services of Delaware at 302-376-3500 or visit Hearing Services of Delaware has been ‘Helping Delaware Hear Better’ for over 13 years; four their audiologists have over 20 years of successful experience diagnosing and treating hearing loss. Check us out! We’ve got over 100 five-star reviews on Google, Facebook and


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