Worries are for the Birds – Living the Good Life at Manor House

Bob Larkin has a lot of birds. Ospreys. Orioles. Eagles. They perch around his home, captured in moments of contented peace or high drama, each beautifully carved and painted by Bob himself. He’s been carving for thirty-two years, and his handmade aviary only keeps growing.

“I could carve a different bird every week and never run out of birds,” he says.

Bob’s enthusiasm is contagious. He teaches woodworking classes every other week to a committed group of students who are his neighbors at Manor House, a premier Acts Retirement-Life Community in Seaford, Maryland. He guides them through the process of creating small carved items — Santa Clauses, snowmen, and, of course, birds.

A retired naval officer, Bob and his wife Jane relocated to Manor House nine years ago, finding a lovely cottage on the beautiful campus in scenic Seaford. At Manor House, Bob enjoys a maintenance-free, resort-like lifestyle that affords him the time and space to pursue a wide range of activities and the best of retirement, whether it’s dedicating a few extra hours to crafting the perfect feather or celebrating another completed work with his wonderful friends and neighbors.

Best of all, Bob and the residents at Manor House enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have Acts Life Care®, where future care is paid for in today’s dollars with consistent monthly fees should their needs ever change.

Located on a graceful curve of the Nanticoke River, Manor House is surrounded by rich farmland and framed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay. Manor House residents enjoy access to the best of both worlds — the natural beauty and abundant recreational opportunities of their central Delmarva location and the rich culture of Seaford and nearby larger venues. The winters in Seaford are typically a bit milder than that of northern counterparts in the Mid-Atlantic, as it often receives warm air from Virginia and the Carolinas. Recreational opportunities are plentiful and rural traditions run deep, setting the stage for a vibrant community of active seniors.

Isn’t it time to get moving?

Making the transition to a new home is challenging at any point in life. But Bob Larkin has been continually pleased with all that he enjoys at Manor House.

“Coming here, we’ve never regretted it,” he says.

Bob and all his friends at Manor House warmly invite you to discover a retirement that’s right for you — full of fun, friends, and opportunities to do the things you love, free from maintenance, free from worry, free as a bird. For more information about an Acts community near you, call (855) 941-5574 or visit AboutActs.com/Vital.

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