Saint Francis LIFE Program: A Ray of Hope for the Elderly

Live independent. Live healthy. LIVE MORE.

Saint Francis LIFE helps seniors in our community live safely at home, even throughout the pandemic. Now, in the brighter days, we are here to help seniors live life to the fullest again. With medical and support services from Saint Francis LIFE, participants can live independently, live at home, live strong, live creative – LIVE MORE.

Saint Francis LIFE is a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), offering community-based care with a full circle approach. Our program coordinates the care for all of a person’s medical and social support needs, helping to ease the stress associated with handling all those tasks for seniors and their loved ones. A team of health care providers creates care plans for each participant’s individual needs. The care team includes primary care providers, nurse practitioners, specialists, social workers, rehabilitation therapists, recreational therapists, and more.

Our model of care helps seniors stay healthy and independent to live safely in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible. Services are provided in our day centers, clinics and in the participant’s home, as needed. Services include:

  • Medical care. All medical care is provided by Saint Francis LIFE’s team of primary care providers (PCPs), nurse practitioners and registered nurses. Medical services include primary care, nursing care, specialty care, medications, vision, hearing and dental care, foot care, mental health services, medical equipment and supplies, and, if needed, hospitalizations and skilled nursing care.
  • Rehabilitation therapy. Therapists specializing in senior care assist participants in maintaining mobility and function, contributing to their quality of life and overall well-being. Saint Francis LIFE provides physical, occupational and speech therapies with the tools and techniques needed to gain strength and promote independence for seniors.
  • Transportation. Transportation to and from the Saint Francis LIFE Centers and specialty medical appointments in the community is provided to participants at no cost.

  • Recreational therapy. We value mental and physical health, and our recreational therapists aim to keep participants active and engaged, providing fun activities in our adult day program including arts and crafts, bingo and trivia, computer classes, dance parties, chair yoga, and holiday and cultural celebrations.
  • Social services. Saint Francis LIFE’s full spectrum of care includes social services, supporting seniors and their caregivers. Whether it is advocacy, counseling, caregiver education or access to financial or legal guidance resources, you are not alone.
  • Nutrition planning. Our dieticians assess each person’s dietary needs, and nutritious breakfasts and lunches are provided at the LIFE centers. Home-delivered meals can be arranged as needed.
  • In-home support. Personal care aides come to the home as needed and as determined by the participant’s care plan to help with activities like bathing and dressing, meal preparation, laundry and light housekeeping.
  • Spiritual care. Treating each person with a full-circle view, Saint Francis LIFE provides spiritual care to heal participants in mind, body and soul. With the support of chaplains and spiritual companions, we seek to provide peace of mind and improve quality of life.

Seniors can avail our services if they are 55 years or older, live in one of our service area zip codes, have been approved by the state as needing a nursing home level of care, and can live safely at home with services provided by Saint Francis LIFE. Saint Francis LIFE services are free to seniors who qualify for Medicare and Medicaid or Medicaid only. For participants who do not qualify for Medicaid, there is a flat monthly fee.

Saint Francis LIFE has a center on the Riverfront and, in March, just opened a new center in Newark. Located on Route 896, the new location, called “College Avenue,” will serve 250 seniors. Along with LIFE’s original Wilmington Riverfront Center, the program will now be able to support at least 500 New Castle County seniors. The Saint Francis LIFE College Avenue Center will offer the same patient-oriented services as those provided at the Wilmington Riverfront site.

Saint Francis LIFE gives seniors the support they need to live in their own home or with family. Getting older and staying independent is not always easy. Some people may have trouble with daily activities like getting to primary care provider’s appointments, bathing, and getting dressed. Saint Francis LIFE helps participants do all of these things while living safely at home.

And if you’re a caregiver for your aging loved one, the stress of coordinating doctor appointments, managing medications and worrying about leaving them at home alone all adds up. Saint Francis LIFE coordinates all the care and services your loved one needs, giving peace of mind to both caregivers and participants alike. As part of Saint Francis LIFE, caregivers have access to the resources and support they need, so they can best help their loved ones. Saint Francis LIFE values caregivers as partners in care.

There’s so much LIFE to live, and Saint Francis LIFE can help seniors Live More! Contact us today to see if you or someone you know qualifies for services. We can be reached by calling 302-660-3380 or visiting us online at

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