A vibrant new village of cottages, aimed to fulfill every need and want of today’s active older adults, is coming to Wilmington, Delaware, and with it, bubbling excitement over the future of senior living, with new residents inspired to truly live their best lives.

The start of something new

“Most people format their lives in chapters, and moving to Country House is the start of an exciting new chapter filled with new friends and new activities,” said Ken Lau, who will move into a new cottage at Country House with his wife, Judy, this summer.

The couple will be the third residents to move into their brand-new, luxurious 2,100-square-foot cottage home. Country House is at the start of a $78 million expansion to attract the next generation of retirees to its beautiful 48-acre campus. This expansion adds 20 new cottages, 62 apartments and an expanded clubhouse featuring a variety of new amenities to the campus, which is home to approximately 200 residents.

An important, but easy, decision

For Ken and Judy Lau, moving to Country House was not a decision they took lightly. The couple researched several retirement communities before choosing Country House, in part because of its steadfast commitment to residents’ quality of life and access to a continuum of healthcare, including assisted living and skilled care conveniently located on the same campus, should the need arise. “The healthcare that Country House offers is superb. With health issues for folks our age, it’s a really important piece of the decision,” said Judy.

Before Judy retired, she was a personal financial planner in Wilmington for over 30 years. Part of her services for clients was consulting with them to identify a retirement community that suited them. The decision-making process became more personal when she and her husband went on their own search to find the best community to fit their lifestyle. Their new home features a gorgeous fully-appointed kitchen, stone finishes, an open floor plan, sunroom and a two-car garage.

“It has been a good and long journey. We started looking at different retirement communities to understand the financial structure, the organizational structure, and the character of the communities,” Judy said.

“It’s important to realize there is not one answer for everybody. We have our own needs and values. In choosing a retirement community, as with any decision in life, people have to find the solution that works best for them. For us, Country House was an easy choice,” Ken Lau said.

The Country House Renovation

The Laus will embark on their new journey along with other retirees venturing to new beginnings in this growing community. Their new cottage is the first part of an expansive multimillion-dollar project set to be completed in stages in 2022 and 2023. Acts Retirement-Life Communities, the parent company of Country House, is leading this major development, which marks the most ambitious expansion in the community’s 60-year history.

“This is the single largest renovation project Country House has undertaken,” said Executive Director Michael Salitsky. As one of the largest not-for-profit owner-operator and developers of continuing care retirement communities in the nation, Acts continually reinvests back into its communities for improvements and additional resident services.

After building the cottages, Acts plans to expand the community’s clubhouse and residential apartments. The clubhouse will include new casual and fine dining restaurant venues, a performance center, and a fitness and aquatic center. The 62 new apartments, ranging in size between 1,400 and 2,200 square feet, will be located within two new wings and feature an open floor design and underground parking.

“We are very excited for this next evolution of our campus to serve our residents and future generations who desire the retirement lifestyle experience and healthcare security our type of community provides,” Salitsky said.

Activities to suit every lifestyle

“We are really excited about coming to Country House. We were looking for a community of like-minded people,” said Judy Lau. “We like to go to the theater and symphony and participate in Osher [the Lifelong Learning Institute at the nearby University of Delaware in Wilmington.] Country House provides us a way to do that with ease and comfort.”’

The couple also looks forward to the vast array of activities on campus and a plethora of out-of-town excursions with their new neighbors.

“I love the idea of being squired to Philly. We look forward to doing these activities with other residents. It’s going to be both fun and healthy,” she added, “We had a great time at the meet-and-greet for new cottage residents. It’s going to be a great group. Everyone is enthusiastic and can hardly wait!”

“A lot of people I’ve talked with realize that COVID-19 isolated them, and they were ready to move and be a part of a fun community with interesting people,” said Tasha Verrico, the sales manager at Country House.

“During the construction, I got to know each of our new residents individually. What’s really fun is seeing them all together,” said Verrico. “We have had a few mixer events and you can see this diverse group of residents bringing a new energy and exciting spark to Country House. This is the future and what’s happening on campus is so special.”

“With an additional 62 apartments and a new clubhouse in the works, it’s an exciting time to be here,” she added. “The time is now, to have peace of mind and relax about your future. The sooner you do that, the more opportunities you have to truly thrive.”



Live your best life

At Acts continuing care retirement communities, there’s no more worry about routine home maintenance such as upkeep and costly repairs or replacements. No more snow shoveling or preparing for hurricanes. No more lawn care. No more broken water heaters. It’s carefree living. It’s living your best life.

Country House is a not-for-profit continuing care retirement community (CCRC) that combines residential cottages and apartment homes with a comprehensive range of long-term care services, including assisted living and skilled care residences located within the on-site health center. One of the most unique aspects of Country House is its life care plan, which pre-pays any future long-term care residents may need.

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Peace of Mind Comes Standard with Acts Retirement

We’ve mentioned that every Acts community is a continuing care retirement community, or CCRC. But what does that mean? In simple terms, a continuing care retirement community is a retirement community that you move into as a healthy and independent older adult, usually into an apartment home, villa or cottage depending on your preference. You pay a one-time entrance fee that offers you the protection of Acts Life Care, and then a standard monthly fee which covers items like maintenance, utilities, chef-prepared meals, and a host of other amenities and services. If you should ever need a higher level of care, the Acts Life Care contract assures that your monthly fee will not increase based solely on that need, and will remain consistent no matter your level of care.

The Acts Life Care Contract isn’t just a gimmick; it’s a promise. It’s the peace of mind of knowing that should you ever need a higher level of health care down the road, you’ve protected your nest egg by prepaying for tomorrow’s health care in today’s dollars.

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