The Key To Long-Lasting Rehabilitation: Returning Home – At The Right Time

No doubt, rehabilitation after a fall, surgery or illness is challenging. That challenge can be compounded with the longing to just get past the ordeal and return home as soon as possible. Rehabilitation, however, is a gradual process. Positive, long-lasting outcomes can’t be rushed, and a thorough recovery often requires the support of physical and occupational therapists, 24-hour skilled nursing care, and specialists trained in the use of state-of-the-art technology – all working in a concerted effort to assist patients through the stages of the rehabilitation process.


If you’re facing a rehabilitation situation, your best bet for a solid recovery will be in an environment where you can be relaxed and comfortable enough to feel “at home” and entirely focused on your recovery. You’ll want the full support and expertise of a team of specialists who can calibrate specific state-of-the-art rehab technology to fit your personal needs, leading you through the stages of rehab to recovery, and ultimately assuring your timely return home – to stay.


There have been incredible advances in the technologies available to assist in people’s recoveries.  For instance, at each of Nationwide Healthcare’s rehab locations you’ll find systems and equipment with names like “ACP Multi-Modality Therapy System”, “Woodway treadmill”, “Smart Car” and “ADL Suite.”

Those names may not mean much to you, but what they do for you will. The ACP therapies, such as electrical muscle stimulation, are safe, non-invasive and medication free, and are proven to decrease pain, inflammation and edema, so that you can move through treatments earlier and recover more quickly. Because Woodway treadmills are specially designed with recovery in mind, you’ll experience less impact, less muscle fatigue and more comfort in your joints, so you can exercise longer with less soreness. The Smart Car lets you practice and get comfortable again getting in and out of a car. And the recently completed ADL (activities of daily living) Home Suite at Regal Heights Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center is fully equipped with a bedroom, bath and kitchen so that you can relearn and practice the activities necessary for daily living in a conscientiously-designed environment that mirrors a home setting.

Nobody wants a remission that sends them back to the hospital or rehab center. The way to ensure you’re ready to go home – and stay home – is to take full advantage of the specialists and technologies available to you, work hard at getting back to your old self, and get yourself fully prepared for your return home.


To learn more about Nationwide Healthcare’s facilities, please visit For more information and a tour of the ADL Suite at Regal Heights, please contact Susan Ricciardi, Admissions Director, at (302) 998-0181.

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