Polaris Healthcare & Rehabilitation is Expanding

More Innovative Care Services Come to Southern Delaware

When Polaris Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center opened its doors in April 2020 in the heart of the dynamic Milford Wellness Village, it provided southern Delaware with a new state-of-the-art residential and rehabilitative nursing care facility. The comprehensive and personalized care that residents receive at Polaris Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center is one of the many ways the owner and operator, Nationwide Healthcare Services, continues to meet the healthcare needs of the City of Milford and the surrounding region.

The facility offers a full range of on-site nursing care and therapy services in a warm and welcoming environment. Every service, managed under the expert direction of a talented medical team, is focused on addressing each individual’s specific treatment needs, including physical, occupational and speech therapies; palliative care and pain management; and dental, podiatry and optometry care.

Phase II – Even More Innovation


Building on its success in meeting the demand for integrated care, Polaris Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center has started its Phase 2 expansion. Phase 2 will bring an additional 60 long-term care beds, along with another 14 beds in the Ventilator Care Unit, to the 26 beds already occupied during the first phase. The expanded area will boast another exquisite dining area, modern activity room and a lounge area in conjunction with those found in the current facility.

One-of-a-Kind Care in Delaware

The expanded facility will also include a brand-new Ventilator Care Unit for ventilator-dependent residents — the sole operation of its kind in southern and central Delaware. Today, many adults recovering from respiratory failure, neuro-muscular disorders and other pulmonary disorders who need a ventilator must seek care in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Maryland.

Polaris Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center’s new Ventilator Care Unit will offer unmatched services to residents, who will benefit from around-the-clock care by respiratory therapists and registered nurses. The circular structure of the unit, the former home to Bayhealth’s Intensive Care Unit, will be rejuvenated to enable therapists and nurses to keep their eyes and ears on each resident at all times. This level of close, individualized care will ensure staff can quickly attend to residents’ needs.

“We approached the renovation of Polaris Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center in the same way we approached the entire Milford Wellness Village,” said Nationwide Healthcare Services CEO Meir Gelley. “Transform an existing structure to create an innovative healthcare campus that improves upon the region’s existing services and integrates new resources to better serve southern and central Delaware.”

The existing hospital infrastructure provides amenities that will improve residents’ quality of life, including access to piped-in oxygen, and the ability for residents to easily receive dialysis treatment within the same facility.

Compassionate, Highly Skilled Care

Denise van Baal, Respiratory Therapist for Rapid CPAP, will be part of the team providing medical care and services for Polaris Healthcare & Rehabilitation’s new Ventilator Care Unit.

To maintain the highest level of expert service, Polaris Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center is partnering with Rapid CPAP, a nationally recognized, full service respiratory company to care for ventilator-dependent residents.

“Our multidisciplinary team is thrilled to bring an outcome-based approach to complex respiratory care residents at Polaris Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center,” said Eric Harter, President of Rapid CPAP. “The semi-circular design of this unit is unlike any other facility and will allow our respiratory therapists and RNs to closely monitor each resident 24/7.”

With Rapid CPAP, Polaris Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center offers a full continuum of care that meets residents’ evolving needs.  Residents able to wean from ventilators can remain at Polaris Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center for skilled rehabilitation services during each step of their recovery, providing residents with consistent care from a familiar team that understands their unique needs.

Expansion is Part of Growing Milford Wellness Village

The Polaris Healthcare & Rehabilitation expansion is part of the growing number of services at the Milford Wellness Village. The campus is unique in that it offers health and wellness services for visitors young and old alike. Intergenerational services include fitness and rehabilitation programs, education, outpatient services, primary care, lab testing, daycare, and social services. The convenience of meeting all your healthcare needs in one location helps to alleviate the stress associated with having to travel to multiple facilities on multiple days to meet with multiple care providers. The Milford Wellness Village provides everything you need in one location.

Through its partnerships with the City of Milford and the local business community, the Milford Wellness Village was created to meet the many needs of area residents and businesses. The concept behind the Village Café was to provide a new dining option to visitors, businesses and the Milford community. The Milford Wellness Village recently created a new front entrance at 21 West Clarke Avenue, making it more accessible to the broader Milford community. The kitchen that serves the café also provides the meals for Polaris Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center and Banyan Treatment Center at the Milford Wellness Village.

The Village Café staff is well versed in the diets and texture modifications that some patients need. That allows customers to purchase meals for a family member who is on a medically-altered diet that they either don’t have the time or knowhow to prepare. Staff members, whose background is in cooking for long-term care patients, are especially interested in the prospect of serving a wider variety of customers.

Learn More About Polaris

To learn more about Polaris Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, visit us at 21 West Clarke Avenue, Milford, DE 19963, find us on the web at www.polarishealthcarerehab.com or call 302-503-7650.

Other care providers you’ll find at the Milford Wellness Village

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  • La Red Health Center – La Red provides quality, person-centered care to diverse members of the community, including pediatric, adolescent, adult and senior patients. Services include oral health, behavioral health, women’s health, chronic disease screening and general patient assistance.
  • Aquacare Physical Therapy – In addition to aquatic therapy, Aquacare offers orthopedic rehab services, sports injury rehab, and physical therapy, as well as specialized therapy services for pelvic disorders, spinal and hand care, and even canine rehabilitation.
  • PACE Your LIFE – PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly)* provides comprehensive medical and social services support for older individuals to enable them to continue living in their community. (*pending CMS approval)
  • Banyan Treatment Centers – Offer a wide array of residential addiction treatment programs, including access to a variety of medical services.
  • Nurses ‘n Kids – Offers programs designed to care for infants and children with acute and chronic medical needs, developmental delays and nutritional deficiencies that are unavailable at traditional day care centers.
  • Kidz, Ink Academy – The Academy is an elite educational program that accommodates parents’ busy work schedules and creates a family learning environment to help children experience the joy and excitement of learning.
  • Village Audiology – Helps people hear better by providing personalized attention in the fitting of hearing aids.
  • The Lab at Seascape – The Lab is a full-service clinical laboratory that uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide the most accurate results in the industry.
  • WeCare – Helps seniors navigate through their medical needs, assisting them with nutrition, activities of daily living, and improving their quality of life.
  • Village Café – Offering a wide selection of quality food choices, the café is open to residents, local businesses and the general public.
  • The Wellness Village also offers a conference room for community meetings, an Executive Center, the EHRI Library, a chapel and pharmacy.

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