old people looking at each other

Love Can Come At Any Age

by Myrle Gilpin Bowe

Did you know that the euphoria you feel when you’re newly in love may have the same chemical basis as your love for chocolate? It’s caused by a release of oxytocin, and both situations can resemble temporary insanity – perhaps even leading you to ignore negative consequences!

We all share the human need for touch, acceptance, affection and communication. But getting to know someone – likes/dislikes, shared backgrounds and interests, extended family – takes time. (Don’t worry about the physical aspects of being older–look at it as proof that you’re still here, keeping your interests and attitude (and yourself) alive.)

Go slow and think clearly. If a new relationship doesn’t develop into the rosy scenario you want, take it as an opportunity to learn a little more about yourself, and enjoy all the fun you’re having. If you do move forward in the relationship, be sure to continually nurture it. As we move through life, we like to think we’re learning a thing or two. So don’t be blinded by love – and hubris. Courtship is one thing; creating a life together is quite another.

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