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Delaware Hospice Center: A Unique Option

Over 96% of Delaware Hospice patients receive care at home, but every once in a while, there are special circumstances that require 24-hour, short-term care outside the home. That’s where the Delaware Hospice Center comes in. Join us as Jennifer Saienni shares what makes the
Delaware Hospice Center special.

Vital: What makes care at the Delaware Hospice Center different than typical hospice care?

JS: Care at the Delaware Hospice Center is an alternative to hospital care. While our goal is the same – to provide symptom management during short-term stays – the environment is completely different. For instance, our state-of-the-art facility includes 16 private patient and family suites, complete with French doors that open onto sunny patios leading to a beautiful garden. With round-the-clock care, caregivers have peace of mind knowing that their loved one’s needs are immediately addressed. At the Delaware Hospice Center, caregivers don’t have to be nurses…they can just be a spouse, child, or loved one.

Vital: Can anyone get care at the Delaware Hospice Center?

JS: While all individuals with a life-limiting illness are eligible for hospice care, the Delaware Hospice Center is specifically designed for our patients who temporarily require a higher level of specialized care.

The Delaware Hospice Center is ready to help those coping with a serious illness. It’s an excellent option for anyone that needs more help with symptoms, medications, or education than can be provided in your home. We can also help make coming home from the hospital safer and easier, wherever home may be.

Vital: That sounds like you really go above and beyond when caring for people.

JS: We do. For us, it’s not just about comforting our patients. At the Delaware Hospice Center, the needs of our patient’s family and loved ones are also addressed. The Center has social workers and chaplains on staff to meet with families to discuss the various medical or personal
questions that almost always arise.

We’ve found that our patients and their families often use the Center as a place to learn about managing medications, pain, and disease-specific information. There are many different reasons our patients come to the Delaware Hospice Center, but one of the most common reasons is for peace of mind. Once a patient’s symptoms are properly controlled, they are often transitioned back into their home.

Vital: You’d said “wherever that home may be.” What do you mean by that?

JS: It’s simple. Home is where the heart is. And peace of mind comes when someone is safe and happy. We make that happen.

Just recently we cared for Johnny. Johnny was a homecare patient living alone, and needed additional help to manage his symptoms. He and his care team decided it was best for him to stay at the Delaware Hospice Center for a couple of days. While at the Center, he had several family members stop in to see him and check on him.

But really, he wanted to see his best friend, his sister, Darlene. She was able to make the trip from Georgia to visit him, and together they decided they wished to both travel back to Georgia in the coming days.

Social worker Roxanne Couzens explained, “Because of Johnny’s health, they had a small window to be able to safely make the trip.” With the help of Delaware Hospice, Johnny and Darlene got ready to leave the next day
Our staff at the Delaware Hospice Center made arrangements with another hospice in Georgia to admit Johnny upon his arrival. Everyone was excited for Johnny, pleased he’d be able to see the rest of his family again.

Roxanne was able to speak with Johnny after a few weeks in Georgia, and reports “he is very happy that we made his trip possible.”

“Delaware Hospice was a wonderful organization for my brother and family,” Darlene tells us. “ would love to share with everyone our experience. Hospice is much more than what people think of it.

Vital: What are some of the reasons to visit the Delaware Hospice Center?

JS: While everyone’s situation is different, the most common reasons include when:

  • Symptoms are getting worse, such as nausea or diarrhea,
  • The patient has trouble breathing.
  • Wound care is hard to manage.
  • Signs of depression, anxiety, or agitation appear.
  • The patient experiences bleeding, seizures, or kidney failure
  • There is a need for support from medical professionals for help more often (needing instructions).
  • There are repeated trips to the Emergency Room or hospital.
  • The patient experiences uncontrollable pain.
  • New injuries occur from coping at home
  • A person needs IV antibiotic therapy to avoid unnecessary Emergency Room or hospital admissions.
  • Or there is a need for comprehensive patient/family education.

Vital: How are you dealing with COVID-19?

JS: The Delaware Hospice Center Staff continues to monitor the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Delaware. The safety of our patients, families, and staff are at top of mind, and we have increased the health precautions taking place at the Delaware Hospice Center.

Vital: Is there a fee to stay at the Delaware Hospice Center?

JS: Patients of Delaware Hospice are welcome to stay multiple times at the Delaware Hospice Center. Care at the Delaware Hospice Center is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance. However, in the past year, we have seen an increase in our uninsured care and anticipate that trend to continue into this year. Thanks to donations and support from the community, families facing serious illness don’t have to worry about not receiving proper healthcare due to an inability to pay.

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Vital: How can readers get in touch with you to learn more?

JS: Our team goes above and beyond expectations, keeping people in the comfort of their own homes or providing additional care at the Delaware Hospice Center when needed, and freeing families to focus on what matters most.

To learn more about the care we provide, or to view a tour of the Delaware Hospice Center, please visit our website at or call us at 302-478-5707.

Some of our families have said the following:

Even though there is “no place like home,” if that is not possible, Delaware Hospice is the best. Have been there with a few friends and just recently with my Mother. Beautiful facility and staff is absolutely wonderful. So accommodating, empathetic, loving not only to patient but family. A very welcoming, peaceful and comforting atmosphere. God bless each one of them for their caring and loving hearts! – K.P.

It was such a beautiful place for my father. The staff was just so wonderful to him and my family. – D.B

They were at my side every step of the confusing way… I am so grateful for their expertise, care, concern and love. I’m not sure I could have done it without them! Eternally grateful! -M.R.

Without a doubt Delaware Hospice is the most compassionate care anyone could ask for. My mother passed away there so peacefully. God Bless all who participated in her care! Thank you from the bottom of my heart – S.S.

Just this past week, I spent several days with a dear friend at the Delaware Hospice Center. From the physician to the housekeeping staff, the degree of professionalism and compassion was wonderful. Such a calling. – C.W.

I have never seen anything so beautiful and people so caring in my life. This is a wonderful place! – K.L.

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