4 Ways You Can Exercise Wherever You Are

No time to exercise? No problem. Here are four easy ways you can get in some simple workouts during your daily routine.

1. At the Airport

When waiting to board a plane, walk between gates for a few minutes.  While in line waiting to board, try marching in place for one to three minutes. Even this simple movement can increase your heart rate.

2. At the Store

Put your shopping bags to use with shoulder shrugs that can strengthen your upper back and muscles around your neck. Rise up on your toes while in line to strengthen your calf muscles.

3. At the Office

At your desk, sit with your legs out straight and cross one on top of the other. To work your core, press your top leg down and resist with your bottom leg.

4. At Home

Try a quick set of push-ups during commercial breaks or get down on the floor and do a plank for 30 seconds. These classic exercises engage almost every muscle in your body.

Quick little workouts can make a big difference!

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